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Hose and Hose Fittings

Desert Expert works with those brands which are using contemporary tools and techniques to manufacture high-ended products.


The watering in the gardens and in your favorite flower pot is tough due to its irregularities but our hose is flexible can adaptable to any structure. Within various sizes and color choices, it will help you enjoy your gardening.

Air blowing:

This is functioning for the cleaning of industrial machinery or other equipment to spray the air with a strong pressure. You can use it in the garden cleaning air blower to accommodate it as your safety and facility. It can bear strong pressure and long lasting for this purpose.

Irregular supply of water:

There are so many industries that need water at very often but not regularly so for this purposes the hose is a very beneficial product for those factory owners. As many small factories cannot afford a regular water supply fitting for their massive water consumption occasionally.

Hose Fittings & adapters of all standards and sizes.

Hose fittings Dubai
Hose fittings
Cleaning system:

Several instruments of cleaning need a temporary pipe. We as high-level experts always keep in mind our customer needs. So we offer these to give extra benefits at low investment.

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