Double Bolt Clamps, Single Bolt Clamps. Four Bolt Clamp and Hose Clips.

Double Bolt Clamps
Four Bolt Clamp and Hose Clips

Hose and Hose Fittings

Hydraulic Hose Oil & Fuel suction and Delivery Hoses, Air Hoses, Water Hoses, Thermo Plastic Hoses, Stainless Hoses, Water Blast Hoses, Green Suction Hoses, PVC Blue Flat Hoses etc... Hose Fittings & adapters of all standards and sizes.

Hose fittings Dubai
Hose fittings
Cleaning system:

Several instruments of cleaning need a temporary pipe. We as high-level experts always keep in mind our customers’ needs. So we designed these to give extra benefits at low investment.

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Hose size and bending radius